STN Beta

STN Beta

Hey guys! Are you watching online movies and other types of videos? I am sure that you use the old app to watch videos. And you also get bored with these apps. Today we have an interesting app for you to watch many videos. STN Beta APK is nearly similar to YouTube apps for Android phones, Smarts TVs, and many other apps which are used as video-watching apps. This is an advanced and free source social media app. You can watch unlimited videos in this app without ads and subscription fees. This app is firm and small in size application.

You can easily watch videos with the help of this tool on your smartphone. The pivot feature of this app is still watching high-quality videos. Users can use this app with an existing YouTube account, there is no need for any other new account. As a user of online items, you better know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the market to search for something online. You can get this tool on your device and watch any kind of YouTube video through this application.

Now it is easy for you to watch videos. To use this tool, there is no need for any password, ads, or registration. This app is really amazing when you use this tool once then you never stop yourself from watching videos. The quality and playback speed of this app is very brilliant. When you use this app, you will correspond for both android devices and android TV. it is also know SmartTubeNext.

What is STN Beta?                   

This is an online video-watching app. This app is similar to the YouTube app. You can use this app for watching numerous videos that you are searching for. We always feel annoyed when YouTube shows ads. That’s why we always stop to use these apps and search for those apps which are working for free of ads. This app consists of many trending videos or other videos that you are in interested to watch them. This app brings something new in its latest beta version.

This tool captures more and more people towards it. This app entertains many people with its extra features. This app’s a simple user interface that harmonizes with the modern android TV. Users can enhance and amplify their viewing moments by a significant allowance. This app is really a blossoming platform. The features of this tool also maximize the loveliness of this tool everyone attracts to it.

This is the most popular efficacy to stream YouTube on your smartphone. We provide these types of apps to keep busy with our boring people. Now, this is on you to get this tool from our site and enjoy yourself by watching many videos on YouTube. This app is totally free for you. don’t be late to download this tool be the first user and enjoy your free time by watching videos.

What are the features?      

This app brings new things in its latest beta version. In fact, the creators want to increase the value of this app by adding eye-catching functions. If you want to trust this app then you can check this tool once on your device and then you can use this furthermore. Here is a brief list of the latest features of this tool.

  • A simple user interface.
  • Well-categorization to find any entertainment without any hassle.
  • There are no Ads used in this application.
  • Multiple languages are available
  • Do not need to install Play services.
  • Remote control support.
  • HD video quality
  • Watch your subscribed channels
  • Get a new notification for updates.
  • Android links are available.
  • Adjust video players setting according to their willingness.
  • And many more.


STN Beta is new on our site for you to entertain. You can feel relaxed by watching videos on YouTube. This application is similar to YouTube. You can easily share this with your friends who are fond of watching videos on YouTube.

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March 23