Welcome to our website friends, Today we are going to talk about Movidle. Puzzle games and guessing games are those games that we used to love as kids. Famous cartoon characters and the series ‘Dora the explorer” was also based on the hint and guess games. where you are given some hints regarded something and the other person needs to guess it.

The app is a kind of Hint and Guess game related to sports and movies. People are given Different hints relative to new upcoming movies and games and then after the destination time, the correct answer is posted on official sites. Then those people who guessed the right answer are mentioned as winners on the official site.

Lats the application was played on May 2022. On the official site of the app daily so many exciting hints and guess games are posted. There are chances that most of the time the popular games are late to movies and most of the time famous, blockbusters and award-winning movies. Their most famous online game is known as “framed”. In the past few years, the popularity of this application has increased and it has attracted so many customers and viewers. All the old and long-term players of Heardle and Framed must have gotten the idea that it is a combination of both of them.

What is Movidle?

It is a game application that is based on the “Hint and Guesses” theory. This game starts with a single-second rendition of the whole film the participants are supposed the guess some particular events and activities of the day. Then you are given some guesses and then you can either take a guess and submit it or skip it. whenever your guess is incorrect or you skip. Your version of the film becomes slower and lagging. Then 6 choices are given to players to guess the film of the day. And same as the game wordle, players can share their scores on social media. There is always a new movie every day that is released every day and you are given the right answer and also some tips to improve your gameplay. 

What are the features?

  • Exciting games
  • rewards
  • Score-board
  • Share your scores with others on social media
  • Challenging hints
  • Puzzling questions
  • Safe and secure
  • NO third party is involved
  • The app requires minimum storage
  • Runs smoothly on even a slow internet connection
  • HD quality 
  • easy to play
  • exciting games
  • Learning Tips

How to download and Install the app?

  • Click on the given download link.
  • Wait a few seconds to complete the downloading.
  • Now open the downloaded APK File on your phone.
  • Click on the downloaded APK File.
  • Now press the Install to launch the app.


As of now, you have gone through all the features of the game. And we have already explained how to play this game. We have also given you some examples for your better understanding. All you need to do is download Movidle Apk and log in to it. If you are using it for the first time you need to sign up and make a new account for yourself. In the game, you will be automatically given some tips and tricks to improve your gameplay and make it more fun and exciting.

Additional Details

March 16