ATA MLBG Changer

ATA MLBG Changer

If you went to download ATA MLBG Changer for your Mobile Legends Bang Bang game then you are coming to the right place. This injector app provides you to inject different types of skin, Emotes, Recalls, and also hero characters in the ML game. ML players love modified tools to customize their games. so this app is one of the best for these players. This injector patcher app comes with the best features. That you can use in the game without paying the cost.

On it, you can get the Background features which are the main menu and loading screen, etc. with it helps you can use all the stuff attainable from the UL category. Alternatively, you are able to change the ML maps. Also, you are visible to set the latest battlegrounds absolutely free of charge. Enhance, ML skin enough to please successfully in the game. it provides you with dozens of paid costumes without requiring diamonds. Moreover, the battle Effect group includes recalls to boost the power of your favorite hero.  

here I include the two injector apps which will also be useful to get all the premium items in MLBB without paying a single penny. so the names of the injectors are URNUB Injector, and ML Injector, so don’t forget to use its apps in the MLBB game.

What is ATA MLBG Changer?

The app is developed by Thuya Aung and Aung Thura. This app helps MLBB players can able to change their Backgrounds in the ML game. Furthermore, you can change your hero skins in different outfits.  It will change all the things in MLBB according to your requirements. Every beginner player can use it very easily and able to get all the premium features of this app free of cost.

What Are The Main Features:

In the part of your app, you can use below special features of this app below that are totally free of cost to use.

ATA Coin:

You can add ATA Coins to change the ATA background and also customize your images in the background.

Restore Function:

Most MLBB Players can’t restore their data in the game but this app provides you with a restore option to restore your data.

Colors of Theme:

There are two modes that you can apply to change the color of your game theme. Light and dark mode is available on it to change and apply them.

UI Design:

When you open your MLBB game then this takes you more time to loading but through ATA Changer you can see your loading time is very short to load this game.


With the help of ATA MLBGChanger you can change the map design of your choice this is the most useable feature of this mod app.

What are the key features of ATA MLBG Changer?

You can get all features of this app some are below which every player needed in the ML game.

  • Map: Almost 2+ dozen custom maps
  • Skin: Skin Changer, Hundreds of ML costumes are available in 6 groups on it.
  • Effects: Recall Changer; Nearly 25 Recall effects for various avatars in the app which you can use freely.
  • UI:  Main Changer, Loading Changer, Analog Changer, Common Changer, Loading Text Changer, and also Hero Analog Changer.
  • Free of cost: You can use it absolutely free of cost.
  • User Friendly: The Developers of it app also try to develop it user-friendly.

What’s New in the app?

  • Fix all MLBB errors.
  • Restore all UI on it.
  • The dark mode is available now away.
  • They have fixed certain features smartly.
  • ATA diamond to buy gaming items very easily.
  • Customize the profile, border & name of your favorite hero.
  • You are able to get the 10 diamonds as a reward at the time of first use.
  • Data deletion after uninstalling the app is the best thing for it.
  • ON notifications for new updates, this helps you can receive a new update notification, etc.

It is safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. if you have doubts to use this android application then you must try it on the gust account first and then try it on the official account. It is also safe to detect your Account ID from the officials.

Final Thoughts:

The ATA Changer APK is an android application or tool that helps you can customize your MLBB in your own style. This app provides you with free features for customization in the MLBB game. Enhance, you can install the dynamic app to get access to changes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with zero cost. Moreover, it will improve your position in the game and reach your gaming skills at the upper level.

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